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OGE-dependent signals

ogeThe aim of our research is to understand how signals, which are generated in response to a perturbation in organellar gene expression (OGE), are relayed to the nucleus. To identify primary target genes, we have analysed published data sets and transcriptomes of lines with induced transient OGE stimuli. We are currently testing these candidates and are in addition identifying new candidates with biochemical and NGS approaches. Moreover, to identify further components of OGE

Our tool: the prors1-2 mutant

signalling, we screened for suppressors of an oge mutation for which we started SNP ratio mapping. Investigation of knock-down and overexpression lines of the newly identified components under defined cold, heat and high-light conditions will reveal how OGE signalling contributes to acclimation. These data will be used to elaborate a global OGE retrograde network and to elucidate its inter-connections with acclimation pathways.


Perturbed OGE results in different acclimation capability


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