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physiochangePlants depend on light as their source of energy and to instigate adaptation. This can be observed in a variety of light-regulated development-tal processes and the ability to adapt to changing environ-mental conditions.
To monitor changing light conditions plants have evolved different photoreceptors. One group are the red/far-red absorbing phytochromes. We are especially interested in phyA, which is the only photoreceptor activated by far-red light and can induce both high-irradiance reactions (HIR) and very low fluence reactions (VLFR). One focus of our research is on how phyA can induce selectively the VLFR or the HIR. To this end we have identified factors that are specific for the different pathways. We aim to understand their role in signalling and how cross-talk and interaction are achieved. Another focus is the ecological role of the VLFR and long-term acclimation to different environments. 

Image: phyA signal transduction in plants 


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