Plant Molecular Biology

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Curriculum Vitae

Academic Education with Graduation
2002-2005 Study of Biotechnology at the ESBS (Ecole Supérieure de Biotechnologie de Strasbourg) in Strasbourg, France
01/2005-08/2005 Master thesis, Plant and Microbial Biology Department, University of California, Berkeley, USA
09/2005 Master of Science (Diplom-Biotechnologe)
2000-2002 Study of Biology at the Albert-Ludwig University Freiburg (Germany) with pre-degree (Vordiplom)

Scientific Graduation
10/2009 PhD thesis (Dr. rer. Nat.), “Analysis of the photobiological hydrogen production of a phosphatase deficient Chlamydomonas reinhardtii strain”
Subject: Plant Molecular Biology
2006-2009 PhD student of Prof. Dr. T. Happe, at the Department Plant Biochemistry, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany

Professional Career
Since 08/2016 Staff scientist (Akademischer Rat auf Zeit)
2010-2016 Postdoctoral fellow at the Chair of Plant Molecular Biology (Botany), Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich (LMU), Munich, Germany

2006-2008 DBU (Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt) fellowship (Promotionsstipendium)
01/2005-04/2005 DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) fellowship